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Submitted by jertoothsaver on Mon, 2022-06-20 08:06
Saturday, May 28, 2022 - 08:00am to Sunday, May 29, 2022 - 08:00am
North Carolina

Rockingham Speedway

Jim Roberts, DMD


The MBCA Sportfahrer Verein (Sporting Drivers’ Association) staged a driving education event at Rockingham Speedway in Rockingham, NC on 28-29 May chaired by Virginia Section President, Don LaBar.

There were 10-12 Mercedes-Benz/AMG cars plus another 1-12 MBCA members including instructors and those who chose to use another brand of car.

Total attendance was 50-60 over the two days.

All non-solo participants has an instructor including MBCA members Don LaBar, Gary Edwards, and Jim Roberts.

There was no crash damage to any vehicle and no mechanical problems for any Mercedes-Benz.

Safety measurers included 2 advanced life support paramedics as well as their fully equipped ambulance, corner workers, flaggers and a control marshal.

2 driver meetings and 3 student classroom meetings were staged.

Every participant expressed appreciation to MBCA for staging this great event, and we expressed our appreciation to Don LaBar and his team for arranging and executing this great experience.

Committee members Edwards and Roberts expressed concerns about the jersey barrier placement near two of the turns.  They told the event chair that these must be moved back to where the original road course beams were before we could use this course again.  Chairman LeBar agreed.

The other issue was timing:

Having this event just two days before Watkins Glen made it very arduous for Edwards and Roberts to instruct in both.  It was also only 2 weeks before the long-scheduled Talladega, Al Sportfahrer event.  These two events compete for the same pool of participants, since Talladega drew participants from the Charlotte, NC area last year. 

Finally: this was scheduled on the same 2 days as the Triangle section’s Pinehurst car show.  It is only 25 miles between them.

This long weekend could accommodate both events if Rockingham were Sat-Sun and the 1-day car show were the Monday holiday.   Evening events could be shared.  This would enhance total attendance and allow those who have an interest in both (e.g. Edwards and Roberts) to attend both.  Virginia Section is willing to work with Triangle Section to accomplish this.