Alabama/NW Florida

Alabama Section

MBCA Performance Driving

MBCA Performance Driving

Alabama/NW Florida
Saturday, November 7, 2020 -
8:00am to 5:00pm
Munford / Talladega

MBCA Ferrari & Friends

November 7, 2020Performance Driving Talladega Grand Prix Raceway


Alabama Section member, Dr. Tommy Cosgrove asked if we could bring MBCA into a Performance Driving event at TGPR on 7 Nov. The local Ferrari Club of America leadership has no experience in staging this type of event, but Ferrari Club of America (FCA) was supportive if I would co-chair, serve as chief instructor, and bring MBCA participants along. I had served in this capacity several years earlier. I contacted Southeastern, Eastern, Mid Atlantic, and Central Region presidents The NBO sent an eblast to the members.


The result was that we had MBCA members from several sections participating including Alabama, Greater Washington, Carolinas, and Peachtree. The Alabama Section members were helping me with instruction, registration, and tech inspection. Steve Spector (GWS), and Gary Edwards (Peachtree) Don Birdwell and I from Alabama Section instructed and drove.


Due to the short notice, we also invited our friends with Lotus, Ltd who also assisted with instruction. We had a total of 50+ participants in 23 cars with about an equal number of Mercedes-Benz (including 2 GT’s) and Ferraris with a couple of Lotus cars, and 3 Alfa Romeo’s.

I instructed 3 MBCA members as well as a novice in a brand-new Ferrari 488.

A brief rain shower at lunchtime sent several of the Ferraris home. In spite of a couple of damp sessions there were no off course excursions, so we had no incidents of damage to cars.

We were able to have an enjoyable event where everyone learned a lot. Traditionally FCA does not require instructors, but as they observed MBCA students being quicker than they were, they asked us to instruct them as well.


Alabama And Peachtree with additional support from Carolinas Section are committed to staging an event at TGPC May 15, 2021.


 Lotus, Ltd is already our partner for Watkins Glen and Salt Lake City in 2021, and it looks like FCA also wants to join in.

At this event we had a close to even split of “regular” and AMG driving participants. At Summit Point we had about 80% AMG driving participants.

The momentum is growing.

By Jim Roberts, MBCA Director at Large, Instructor