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Covered Bridges and Medieval Italy

Covered Bridges and Medieval Italy

Alabama/NW Florida
Saturday, June 13, 2020 - 8:00am

As the COVID-19 restrictions are decreasing, Alabama Section members are responding with record participation in events.  Perhaps the ideal weather: sunny, highs in the 70’s with low humidity has played a role.

Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham provided wonderful breakfast treats from their in house branch of Edgar’s Bakery.  Our Huntsville group enjoyed similar faire at a favorite bagel shop. 

Led by Doug Bloomberg from Huntsville and Jim Roberts from Birmingham the two groups took scenic routes to Oneonta (Own-é- own-ah) which was named after Oneonta, NY where about half picked up take-out barbeque.  The others had brought lunch from home.

After carefully crossing the spectacular 74 foot high Horton Mill covered wooden bridge we proceeded along the narrower winding but little traveled back roads of Blount County to Palisades Park operated by the City of Oneonta.  We were able to find beautiful shaded picnic areas with enough space to allow the recommend 6ft physical spacing between  family units.  We found that we can easily converse in a quiet outdoor setting with the arrangements.

Shortly after Palisades the roads become wider and the topography allows more sweeping than tight turns.  In fact, the countryside is reminiscent of the North Central Italian region of Umbria and Assisi.  It is fitting then to find the 13h century of Italian Romanesque gothic “Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament”  pilgrimage/cloister/church.  This was built in the late 20th Century with inspiration from EWTN’s Mother Angelica.  It is always surprising that we invariably have a few who were previously unaware of this architectural and artistic jewel.

The photos here show the diversity of our member’s cars:  1969 280 SL to current AMG’s including Alabama built SUV and C-Class models.